Human Resources

Job Recruitment and Selection:

  • Responsible for selection assessments for the companies of Meridian 32 Group in Maputo, Mozambique (2014) *
  • Strategic Recruitment Plan for Massingir Agro-Industrial, in Gaza, Mozambique (2013)*
  • Responsible for job recruitment and selection process regarding call centers’ workers (phone line support to clients and phone commercial activity); included analyzing tests results, performing interviews and reports; for Psicoforma (1999)
  • Technical officer for performing psychometric tests and group assessments regarding recruitment and selection processes for different job descriptions and clients, for Psicoforma (April 1997-September 1998)

Training Director/Consultant

  • Coordinator for the development of the training programs for enhancing the resilience of critical infra-structures in Eu-rope, as part of the project RESILENS funded by European Commission Horizon 2020 program (2015-2018)
  • Responsible for developing and certifying Mozambique Training Academy, Meridian 32 training Centre (2015)*
  • Support to Health & Safety training for KPMG in Mozambique (2015)*
  • Environmental Awareness Training for Elevo Sugar Industry in Maragra (2015)*
  • Team Building for Dana Agency (2015) *
  • Training director on a project of 9 training courses to ISPT – Instituto Politécnico de Tete, Tete, Mozambique (April 2014 – running) *
  • Training planning and execution on consumer profiles and sales communication for WORTEN sellers (SONAE group), per-formed under Promotion 3E project; Portugal (2010).
  • Planning and managing a training event on Communication and Corporate Identity for ZON, performed on a ship (2010).
  • Planning and managing a professional training set for Holmes Place (2009-2010).
  • Coordinating the DGERT certification process as a trainer company for Factor Social (2007)
  • Conceive and plan the training course on ‘Risk Communication’ and its certification process as a Professional Certification Revalidation Course for Health and Safety Professionals by the former ISHST now ACT (2007). Several editions of this training course were performed since then.
  • Coordinating the revalidation of DGERT certification process as a trainer company for AMB & Veritas (2006)
  • Conceive and plan the training course ‘Environmental Education Projects Development’ for two groups of trainees of Lis-bon municipality (2000).

Coordinator of Performance Assessment Systems

  • Develop an integrated Performance Assessment System for the companies of Meridian 32 group (Accsys, Ambiqual, Me-ridian 32 and Rec companies)*
  • Support for implementing a performance assessment system and consultancy twice a year as a facilitator and reporting during system execution for AMB & Veritas, (2004-2009).
  • Develop na integrated Performance Assessment System for 3 companies of Qualitas Vidit group (2004)

Coordinator of projects regarding Work Space

  • Assessment of a school space and development of a technical report for parents’ association of the school Liceu Filipa de Lencastre, Lisbon, Portugal (2008)
  • Work spaces’ assessment on workers’ perspective for AMB & Veritas (2006)
  • Develop guidelines for space organizational identity and functionality on a proposal for developing a new offices building for IUCN(2005).

Coordination of work satisfaction studies

  • Work satisfaction assessment of workers for AMB & Veritas (2009)

Coordination of Psychosocial Risks’ Assessment

  • Psychosocial Risks, stress and safety culture assessment for Secil workers at different factories (running)
  • Workers’ workshops for identifying strategies to mitigate psychosocial risks at ROCA (2013)
  • Psychosocial Risks, stress and safety culture assessment for ROCA workers considering different company units (2012)
  • Develop and test a tool for assessing Psychosocial Risks, stress and safety culture for Ambimed –Stericycle group workers considering their different station units in Portugal (2012)
  • Ergonomyc Risk Assessment for two Weber units in Portugal (2009)
  • Psychosocial Risks and stress assessment for the workers of a Bus company, for Rodoviária de Lisboa (2001)

Client Relashionship Management

  • CRA Capacity Building (tools development and officers training) for annual assessment of water consumers satisfaction (2015)*
  • Consumer assessment of water service on 6 cities in Mozambique (Pemba, Nampula, Tete, Quelimane, Inhambane and Xai-Xai), for the Water Regulation Concil (CRA – Conselho de Regulação de Águas) (2014-2015)*
  • 1st National Study to identify energy domestic consumers’ profiles in Portugal, for the EnergyProfiller project, funded by Plano de Promoção da Eficiência no Consumo managed by ERSE (2011)
  • Research on consumers’ choice of home appliances considering choice process and relevant factors for the Promotion 3E project, funded by Inteligent Energy Europe – European Commission (2009)
  • Assessment of Risk Perception regarding the eventual consumption of meat coming from cattle that was subject to the use of growing hormones (Beta-agonists) and its relationship with choice process for Lisbon University. A joint study of Psychology, Pharmacy and Medicine Faculties named “Promotores de Crescimento e Saúde Pública” (2001)
  • Clients’ assessment of a Real Time Information System developed by a bus company to its clients for Rodoviária de Lisboa (2000)
  • Attitudes and stress assessment of bus commuters for Rodoviária de Lisboa (1999)


We offer a variety of accredited training courses conceived in accordance with the necessities of qualification and goals of the clients. We present also a range of standard training courses for companies and individuals.


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