Main Projects

Projects carried out by the Factor Social with special relief.


We team up with architects and engineers and assess the social and environmental impact of transportation projects.

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We access the social impact of projects, shaping atitudes and behaviours for the benefit of the environment.

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Equipments and Urban Refurbishment

We team up with architects and engineers, planning for the users and communities, focusing on the promotion of spaces and services, through a vision of a sustainable future, social, economical, and environmentally speaking.

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Sustainable Development

We assess the social impact of projects and shape atitudes and behaviours for the benefit of the environment.

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We measure the well-being of the collaborators and promote the relationship with the community.

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Human Resources

We stimulate people towards the projects' sustainability, the promotion of themselves as employees, towards the economical, social and environmental dynamics of the self and of the community.

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We offer a variety of accredited training courses conceived in accordance with the necessities of qualification and goals of the clients.
We present also a range of standard training courses for companies and individuals.


Here you will be able to see some samples of our participation in the social network of communications. Publications, TV Energy, and scientific Articles.

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Our partnerships allow us to extend our areas of operation with the ability to respond with extreme quality to the solicitations of our clients.

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