Our partnerships allow us to extend our intervention areas and so to respond with extreme quality to the solicitations of our clients.


In a time of increased disasters - natural or manmade - it becomes more and more necessary to have a resilience assessment in the modern societies, so that they can recover from adverse events.

The project RESILENS (Realising European Resilience for Critical INfraStructure) aims to reach significant progress at improving the resilience of Critical infrastructure (IC) through applied research in risk analysis and formulation of e-learning tools.

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CIP Institute

The CIP Institute is an international NGO focused on promoting the production and sharing of knowledge in the area of Crisis Management.

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People & Environment

Registered in Mozambique, People & Environment in people and groups and the way they work in physical and social contexts. Its mission is to promote the connection between individuals and organizations, in harmony and co-operation, aligning and adjusting models and tools to the social and cultural African context.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

O WWF is a non governmental organization with 50 years, which purpose is the promotion of the social and economical development with a sustainable form, avoiding to compromise the future generations. Using scientific knowledge of vanguard, it mobilizes international efforts with the purpose of the protection of vegetable and animal specimens as well their respective habitats and safeguard of global threats as the toxic pollution, climatic change etc.

WWH is the world’s leading conservation organization acting for more than 40 years, working in 100 countries it persecutes his action in three forms:

  • Protecting and restoring species and their habitats, including those in danger of extinction.
  • Promoting sustainable approaches to the use of natural and renewable resources;
  • Promoting a rational use of the resources and energy and ensuring the reduction of the pollution.

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Promotion3E - Promoting Energy Efficient Appliances

Co- financed by the Intelligent Energy for Europe, the Project Promotion 3E aims to find those factors responsible for the choice of households' electric equipment's by implementing actions to encourage the take-up of energy-efficient appliances.
Promotion 3E aimed at reducing the energy consumption of households’ electric equipment's and products by implementing actions to encourage the take-up of energy-efficient appliances as well as measures that increase quality and efficiency of information available to the consumers.  Focus was placed on training of appliances’ sales personnel, with the conviction that a well informed customer will learn to purchase high energy-efficient appliances.
At national level those are the partners:

  • Factor Social;
  • ENA - Energia e Ambiente da Arrábida;
  • Escola Superior de Tecnologia do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal;
  • AREAC - Agência Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Centro;

The international partners are, between others:

  • AGENA, Italy;
  • NIEA, Northern Ireland;
  • TGZ-BZ, Germany;
  • NAPE, Poland;
  • APEA, Spain;
  • ALEAL, France;

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The Energyprofiler consists of a study and analysis of perceptions, attitudes, competences and standards of energy consume from the residential sector on basis of the realization of a representative inquiry of the profiles-types of the domestic consumers of the whole national territory.

It will allow to identify:

  • Profiles-types of use of energy
  • Restrictions to the consumption of energy
  • Measures of action for politics, investigation and campaigns of sensibilization.

To know the energetic profile of the consumers is basic for the efficiency of the measures and actions of awareness for a more sustainable consumption of energy.

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Forum Florestal

The Fórum FlorestalThe Fórum Florestal is a federative structure that introduces in the forest sector an innovatory and enterprising strategy with the objective to promote initiatives and partnerships that induce the increase of competitiveness of the National Forest. As support, we got the cooperation between the Organizations of Forest Producers, with a role of main agents in the connectivity to the forest production and forest extension, basic on the forest row and on the rural development.

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RECOIL The power of used cooking oil

Co - financed by the Intelligent Energy for Europe, the main purpose of the project RECOIL is to promote the recycling of the food oils used for the sustainable production of biodiesel. Considering the realization of surveys to familiar lodgers, workshops with experts of the area and interviews to stakeholders in order to define the best method for the gathering of the food worn-out oils, one on-line guide is available for the final decision.

Some projects pilots will be also developed in order to test and to validate the best identified practices for the gathering of food worn-out oils and production of biodiesel, with the main purpose of demonstrating efficiently his implementation.

At national level those are the partners:

  • Factor Social – Consultoria em Psicossociologia e Ambiente, Lda.;
  • ENA - Energia e Ambiente da Arrábida;
  • Senergia - Agência Regional de Energia para os concelhos do Barreiro, Moita, Montijo e Alcochete;

The international partners are the next ones:

  • ENV-TUC, da Grécia
  • ALLESSCO, de Itália
  • APEC, de Espanha
  • ElinBiofuels, da Grécia
  • ETA, de Itália
  • Município de Castrolibero, de Itália
  • EUBIA, da Bélgica
  • ABP, da Dinamarca


We offer a variety of accredited training courses conceived in accordance with the necessities of qualification and goals of the clients.
We present also a range of standard training courses for companies and individuals.


Here you will be able to see some samples of our participation in the social network of communications. Publications, TV Energy, and scientific Articles.

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Our partnerships allow us to extend our areas of operation with the ability to respond with extreme quality to the solicitations of our clients.

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